It’s early in the morning. I didn’t close the curtains yesterday so I’m waking up a little earlier than usual. Still, a chance to reflect on last night. Was what I experienced reality or had I slipped into some parallel universe. 

Possibly the latter as what I remember is almost too extraordinary to be true.

I recall being at a bar. The memory is a little hazy as I’d previously been at The Belgian Monk and I probably should have checked the strength of some of those beers, (they were very good beers and the mussels looked good too), but I remember it was a really cool bar. There were butterflies on the ceiling. And bird cages. And items of seventies furniture dotted around. The armchairs were particularly exceptional.

While I was drinking beautiful women kept coming in from outside bringing fish and chips to the customers in the bar with the 70’s furniture/ butterflies on the ceiling/bird cages. They kept passing me by. I was obviously in a dream and my subconscious was trying to tell me something.


I decided to seek out the source of the fish and chips/beautiful women.

Abandoning my bags I headed out to find … a fish and chip shop just opposite.

I went in.

The lady behind the counter smiled and said “What can we get you”.

A sense of deep peace and contentment descended on me and the strange symbols on the wall became clear – I ordered a Big (Mack)erel burger and chips.

The lady said “Of course, we’ll bring it over” and suddenly a glowing light enveloped me and before I knew it I was back at my table in the bar with the 70’s furniture/ butterflies on the ceiling/bird cages, eating my Big (Mack)erel burger and chips (It was fantastic).

Did it really happen? Who knows?

There were some glues. The lingering smell of fish on the shirt I hadn’t taken off before going to bed. The photo of a mackerel in a bun on my phone, but nothing conclusive.

I like to think it did.

The Grosvenor Fish Bar

The Birdcage

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