It’s been an intense week, struggling to focus on day to day matters when the future of humanity is being debated in Paris. You try to bring up mundane aspects of your job, but no one wants to know – they’re just continually checking their smart phones to see how the negotiations in the French capital are going.

Understandable – The future of life on earth is a big deal.

So it was a relief when travelling down to Brighton for the first week of the new Rocky Horror tour, to read on my Guardian App that a deal had been struck.

How wrong you were Naomi Klein when you said ‘Who would have thought that the end of the world would be boring’.

Now I’ve not seen the details, but it’s easy to guess what’s in the agreement. There’ll be a renunciation of the economic doctrine of never ending growth on a finite planet. A complete rejection of consumerist society – where we buy stuff, throw it away, then buy more stuff. Planned Obsolescence made illegal obviously. It’s probably too late to change things this Christmas, but in the future we won’t all be anxiously awaiting the Xmas John Lewis Ad. And all those poor oil companies that will be banned from pumping up their proven resources. Still it can’t be helped if we want our kids to live in a world that doesn’t look like Mad Max (Even though the new Mad Max film is AWESOME!!).

And of course a meat based diet! That’ll be completely out the window!! Live stock based agriculture is one of the major sources of damaging emissions. It’s a no brainer to cut back on that.

So I’m getting to grips straight away with what I’m guessing will be the new anti meat rules in the Paris agreement by sampling the best vegetarian cuisine Brighton has to offer at Terre à Terre.

I’ve wanted to eat here ever since (Sorry shameless name drop) Matthew Bourne recommended it. I wasn’t disappointed. I guarantee you won’t be missing the meat at this joint.

I had the ‘How’s Ya Vada’ (Vada = savoury fritter-type snack) – ‘Soft silky vadas filled with fenugreek, ras el hanout and feta fried and marinated with Moroccan yogurt, served with griddled preserved fermented juniper turnips, beet , radish and abalone mushroom skewers…’ (there’s about another 18 lines describing this dish, that I’ll leave you to discover for yourself, should you visit). It was wonderful. And their menu writers definitely have a slick turn of phrase –  ‘I dream of Arancini’ anyone?

On the way home I stumbled on an off license that stocks Coffee Porter!! Coffee and Booze in one drink. The perfect accompaniment for an evening digesting the Paris agreement.

I’ve just opened a bottle now.

Right – let’s get up to speed with the massive changes to our lives the Paris agreement will say we have to make.

Terre à Terre
71 East St, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1HQ

How's Ya Vada How’s Ya Vada!

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  1. Darren Carnall on December 12, 2015 at 10:50 pm said:

    Huzzah! We’re saved!

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