The global heath crisis and the urgency to address climate change demand we move to a plant based diet. I’m not doing very well on this. I’ve just bought a packet of black pudding flavoured pork scratchings in York. And last week in Belfast I had a bacon sandwich every day! Still if you’re going to succumb to the pleasures of the devoured flesh in Belfast head to Yahi in the Northern Mall

The sandwiches and salads are fantastic. The coffee is Orangutan– a portion of their profits going towards Orangutan conservation in Sumatra. And if you pick up one of their cold pressed Mango Street juices you’ll be supporting a company that devotes its profits to helping the homeless.

In the wake of the Panama leaks it’s worth a visit to Mango Street’s website. If every company had the same ethos as Mango Street instead of off-shoring every penny they make – money, as Mark Steel in the Independent (sadly now only on online) states, could be used for treating ‘frivolities like treating cancer’ – well the world would be in a much better place.

Anyway – assuming I can resist the black pudding flavoured pork scratchings it’s a Vegan week for me in York. Which should be a breeze thanks to Rocky Horror MD Ben Van Tienen’s discovery of El Piano.

Plant based, gluten free, organic cuisine that is amazing .

My Dhal with corn fritters and blanched greens was delicious. Plus the menu impressively displays the percentage of the dish sourced within 30 miles.

Ethical, sustainable food on my door step. A vegan week should be a walk in the park – though maybe from tomorrow is best.

Those black pudding flavoured pork scratchings do look good.

El Piano
Grape Ln, York YO1 7HU

IMG_5458 IMG_5461


2 Thoughts on “Sing me a song Mr Piano Yam – York

  1. batdorff dylan on April 10, 2016 at 9:25 pm said:

    Good god, I nearly died from lack of eatzone.
    Thank the stars you’re eating again.
    Now about those scratchings, we adopted a paaarticulary evil looking individual one whilst wowing Birmingham not so long ago. It was so hideous I screwed it to the prod box and it travels with us now to infinity and beyond.
    Shortly later we also added an egg from the breakfast buffet of the Bradford Jury’s inn , also screwed to the prod box. Who knew that a breakfast egg could gain the stuctural integrity via oven cooking. ( dury’s inn offer a fry free breakfast) to be secured with industrial fixings!
    Sadly said egg became nasally offensive shortly before lunch and was
    left in Bradford.
    If I was clever enough I would post digital evidence ……
    I have eaten some nice food too.

  2. batdorff dylan on April 10, 2016 at 10:06 pm said:

    If anyone has the egg photo please send it in xx

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