No that’s not a spelling mistake. 

Slider is a tipple made by taking the sloes used in the production of Sloe gin and infusing them in cider.

I always treat myself to a bottle from the Bristol Cider Shop when in these parts.

River Cottage’s John Wright writes of Slider that ‘the name nicely conveys the way it slides down and the way you might slide down the wall if you have too much.’

If it’s food you’re after keep an eye out for a branch of Friska. There’s seven in Bristol (Plus one in Birmingham).

Friska is all about healthy fast food that’s ethically produced. I’m hooked on their Veggie Breakfast Box – they cram a lot inside and I guarantee you won’t miss the meat. But if the lure of a bacon butty is too much well don’t fret. Friska’s meat is all free range.

And their cafes are all powered with 100% renewable energy supplied by Ova Energy

In fact there are dozens and dozens of places in Bristol that take a responsible attitude to food and environmental issues – an attitude that those at the top don’t seem to share.

One of the casualties of the Brexit upheaval was the abolition of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Now it was always a slightly odd department. Part of its brief was to encourage as much oil recovery as possible – not exactly the most environmental of policies. If we burn all of the world’s existing oil reserves we’re screwed. But at least in the title of the department were the words ‘Climate Change’. You’d like to think there must have been at least a couple of people there looking at the problem.

The department that now apparently deals with the most pressing problem to face humanity – i.e. very, VERY soon much of the planet won’t be able to support human life – is the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Now maybe I’m being unfair, but that’s not a title that suggests they are going all out to solve Climate Change.

Now it’s a crazy idea – and it’s probably just the Slider talking – but maybe we should have a department called something like – The Department For Climate Change. Or if it’s not too long winded – The Department For Climate Change, Renewable Energy and trying to fix the almighty mess we’ve created by trashing the planet in the pursuit of pointless consumerism.

But whatever it’s called let’s have a department dedicated solely to the issue.

Before it’s too late.

All over Bristol – see link

Bristol Cider Shop
7 Christmas Steps,
Bristol, BS1 5BS

Fiska Veggie breakfast box

Friska’s veggie breakfast box

Slider (Photograph by Angharad).

Slider (Photograph by Angharad).

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