Well I thought I’d stumbled on an interesting new place to grab a vegan bite and an aluminium free deodorant in Plymouth, but the lady behind the counter said it had been open four and half years. I need to start paying more attention on my travels (Note I only flirt with Veganism, but have the utmost respect for those that have embraced the full vegan enchilada).

If you do find yourself in Plymouth though do call in Ethica. Not a huge amount of takeaway, ready to eat food available, but you can grab a very acceptable mock ham and vegan cheese sandwich. And there’s a great range of vegan friendly beauty and cleaning products. I’ve opted for the Fit Pit For Men as my deodorant of choice for my time in Britain’s ocean city.

And while you’re masticating over your mock meat consider the latest indicator that the dystopian world depicted in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is fast becoming reality.

Spotify can gather data on your music listening habits then sell that on – you can be targeted with advertising that is tailored to fit your mood based on what you are listening to. Just been ditched and listening to ‘On Days Like These’ by Matt Monroe – you’ll be getting an email suggesting you go out and buy a bottle of Tequilla and sit around in the town centre in Huddersfield (Sorry just thinking back to 1989).

If you’re playing the Saturday Night Fever sound track (The show is currently on the road with Matthew Bourne’s Richard Windsor) – will you be getting an email about the latest flares?


Might pick up a record player

Ethica. 155 Armada Way, Plymouth PL1 1HY


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