It was with a sense of achievement that I headed for a lunchtime meat treat. I’d given names to the Porta-cabins we’re using this week due to the lack of dressing rooms at Torquay’s Princess Theatre – the Poseidon Cabin, the Kraken Cabin, the Little Mermaid Cabin. I was feeling very pleased with myself, though that sense of achievement was dented slightly when I failed to extract an animal from one of the mechanical claw machines in the arcade (I used to be a claw machine master!).  Read More →

We’ve all decided at some point to have a booze free night out only to see our resolve melt as our eyes wander over the ale on offer. Suddenly ‘I’ll have an orange juice’ comes out as ‘Do you have any organic beers?’ – and before you know it you’re racking up the Sambuca shots and telling the barmaid she’s the most attractive woman you’ve ever seen.  Read More →